Freeside 3.1 released

I’m pleased to announce the release of Freeside version 3.1.

This release on our current 3.x series improves quotations and FCC 477 reporting. Notable new features include per-package contacts, package detaching and attaching to/from separate customer records, and bulk movement of services amongst a customers’ packages.

Download: freeside-3.1.tar.gz
MD5: d5f7309af93a90fa8efa62041e2cc5ca
SHA1: 8ac81d4f0b23c5a27e8955985dacf0934b51d3f6

Changelog: 3.1:Changelog

Upgrading: 3.1:Documentation:Upgrading

VMware appliance (760mb):
– Bittorrent (preferred):
– Direct download:

– Ivan

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