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This is the changelog for the 1.7.3 point release.

For additional changes since 1.5.x, see Freeside:1.7:Changelog

For a more detailed, raw log of changes, see the source ChangeLog


The licence has changed to the GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL). This is a free software license for web and network applications.

If you use Freeside internally for your own company, your obligations under the license remain basically unchanged.

If you sell or provide access to the Freeside back-office interface to parties outside your organization or company, please note your new obligations under the AGPL. Specifically, if you provide hosted access to modified Freeside versions, you are required to provide the corresponding source code. See the AGPL for details.

Backend database support

  • MySQL (v4.1 or later, v5 recommended) is now supported as a backend database in addition to PostgreSQL. DBIx::DBSchema 0.35 or later is required for MySQL support.

Binary packages

  • Experimental packages are available for Debian and RHEL/CentOS.

Trouble ticketing


  • RT tickets now auto-associate with the appropriate customers. Manual requestor->customer associations are also "sticky" for future tickets.
  • Integrated trouble ticketing updated to RT 3.4.6
  • Several RT addons have been incorporated: Statistics, ActivityReports, WebCronTool
  • Added a link to a customer's resolved tickets to the ticket section of the customer view page
  • Added display of ticket owners on customer view page

Bug fixes

  • Fixed custom priority field options
  • Don't display ticket search box for installs without trouble ticketing.
  • Prevent Text::Quoted from being used to format ticket display even if it is installed; it is slow, unreliable and can segfault.
  • Fix CSS visual glitch on "Ticketing main"

Signup and customer self-service


  • XML-RPC API for all signup and self-service functionality allows access to signup functions from PHP and other languages. A PHP class and examples are available in fs_selfservice/php/
  • Huge speedup on signup page (cache signup data).
  • Customers can now view their own data transferred in addition to time online.
  • Restored "(none)" choice to first package select.
  • Customers can change their own service and billing addresses and payment information (even when not making a payment).
  • Customers can self-provision accounts in their own domain.
  • Pass along the remote IP address from selfservice to the backend processing against the payment gateway
  • Added "process_payment_order_pkg" method for one-step payment and package ordering, facilitating use of self-service API in a shopping cart environment.

Bug fixes

  • In example HTML templates, fixed visual glitch in menu-bar border.
  • Added a configuration option to change self-service session timeout; useful for self-service API usage.
  • prevent BILL, DCRD, and DCHK customers from ordering new packages via selfservice while suspended
  • Fixed signup bug causing all advertising sources to show up when promotional codes are used in conjunction with a multiple-reseller install with reseller-specific advertising sources.


New reports

  • New advanced customer report
  • New package churn report and graph showing orders, suspensions and cancellations over time.
  • Display and reporting on last login and logout dates
  • Add back the (appropriately ACLed) SQL query report

Updated reports

  • Added Net vs Gross amount to all invoice reports; made the "Net sales" totals on Sales/Credit/Receipts graph/report clickable.
  • Added options for listing customers without an outstanding balance on receivables report, and corrected the totals when pulling up an A/R report for a single agent.
  • Added suspension and cancellation reasons to package report.

New features for all reports

  • Add Excel and CSV download options for all graph reports.
  • Add "printable copy" link on all reports for full results as printable HTML.
  • Added command-line tool to automatically email any reports.
  • Added "Net credits" display to sales/credits/receipts graph

Bug fixes

  • Fix remaining problems folks are having with IE downloading Excel files over HTTPS.
  • Fixed status colors on customer reports / lists / edit.
  • Fixed some problems with reports when selecting all agents on a multiple-agent install.
  • Fixed 'column reference "fieldname"' is ambiguous error on advanced package reports.
  • Fixed tax reports for some odd upgrade edge cases: when you have both taxclass and non-taxclass entries in cust_main_county for a single region (not correct setup in the first place), and non-null but empty values in taxname
  • Fixed bulk invoice re-email/fax/print links to honor "most recent invoice for customer" and min/max options from invoice report.
  • Fixed the date popups on advanced invoice report.


Package definitions

  • New "bulk" price plan for bulk charging per-service prorated over the billed period.
  • Added 3 day, 4 month and 4.5 month (137 day) frequencies
  • Agent selection on package add/edit.

Customer packages

  • Package changes after 1.7.3 upgrade now show change date, old package
  • Package suspensions and cancellations show the initiating user
  • Package class selection for one-time charges
  • Bulk package change feature for changing multiple customer packages over to new definitions


Tax rates

  • New tax rate editor should be much easier to use.


  • Added a "payment receipts" feature to the web interface, to help folks who were relying upon emails from their gateway for payment confirmation.

ACH processing

  • Electronic check (ACH) processing: Added fields require by some gateways for driver's license, checking/savings account type and bank state.
  • Added ability to trigger ACH batching from the customer view page, in addition to real-time processing.


  • Added customer number to default typeset and HTML invoices.
  • Added "Net 20" invoice terms option.
  • Added options for postscript prefix and suffix for extra printer commands.
  • Added option to remove service dates from invoices.
  • Fixed slight glitches auto-converting notes section from LaTeX to HTML (newlines, # and ~ symbols)


  • Payments now explicitly display the employee or automatic process which triggered them.


  • Credit reasons changed from freetext to the new reason/reason type system like suspensions and cancellations.


  • Added refund deletion (with access control)
  • Fixed refunds with eProcessingNetwork
  • Pass CC expiration with real-time refunds for gateways which require it. Also allow manual entry for existing transactions being refunded.


  • Added "-n" option to freeside-daily, allowing pre-printing of invoices for future service periods, but now with the current date.
  • Added quick "bill-for-nextmonth" and "bill-for-nextyear" scripts which use the new "-n" option.


  • Added "suspend later" for scheduling future cancellations.
  • Added "disable_setup_suspended_pkgs" config option to disable the charging of the setup fee while a package is suspended.
  • Added verbose error reporting for transactions which fail without an error message (useful when tracking down payment gateway problems).
  • Even more reliable multiple-payment/double-click/concurrent-payment-form-different-employees/back button protection.
  • Add a configuraiton option to control B:OP's new "email_customer" flag.
  • Add ability to set a taxclass for late charges.
  • Add ability to add add the same invoice event for different payment methods in one shot.

Usage tracking


  • Display and reporting on last login and logout dates
  • Added a separate "overlimit" status distinct from normal suspensions.
  • Added the ability to change RADIUS groups upon reaching usage limits.
  • All data usage fields can be specified with suffixes such as "kb", "mb, "gb", "G", etc.
  • All data usage fields can be displayed with a desired number of significant digits and auto-prefix, or forced to megabytes.
  • Trigger usage recharge from the backend as well as self-service.
  • Add a reset feature for manual recharges.

Bug fixes

  • Usage threshold warning emails now sent to invoice email address.
  • Fixed bug manually editing usage data.
  • Fixed bug where user could log in to RADIUS with an uppercase username and avoid bandwidth accounting (MySQL only)
  • Data usage fields also now allow commas and validate input - they no longer fallback to putting literals in the database.
  • Display negative time correctly.
  • Fix bug with cap on hourly charges being ignored.


  • Overhauled UI of rate and region editor.
  • Working import of CDRs in CSV format from Asterisk, in addition to direct DB integration
  • Added many query options to CDR search.
  • Added disable_src option to VoIP price plan to be strict about using "charged_party" field only.
  • Added domestic_prefix and international_prefix options to VoIP price plan to configure how numbers are recognized as domestic or international.
  • Add links for unprocessed and processed CDRs to svc_phone view


  • Allow all exports to add links to main customer view


  • Made RADIUS groups available to shellcommands delete hook
  • Fixed spurious user modification and export triggering.
  • Fixed Communigate pro export to prevent harmless (but annoying) "failed: Can't logout of CGPro: No error" messages.
  • Added -n option to freeside-sqlradius-reset to supress deleting data


  • Added a section for additional config data to virtual hosting services, and export the entered config snippets to Apache.
  • Added suspend and unsuspend hooks to www_shellcommands export.


  • MAC field now searchable
  • Added new exports: nas_wrapper, snmp and trango
  • Some improvements to router export.
  • Prizm export: queue most operations, better documentation, configurable siteName, attach SM's to default network, improved unsuspend & delete, option for BAM only or EMS.




  • Cancellation reason selection on whole-customer cancel.
  • Added a default cancellation subject so cancellation emails will work even if you didn't set a subject in the configuration.


  • Added optional "address2-search" config adding search of second address line to all pages.
  • Legacy agent_custid field is searched as an additional customer number field.
  • Added printed welcome letters, from a template.
  • Added options to require phone and email address for new customers.


  • Configuration option causing auto-generated passwords to be all capitals.
  • Home directory field is now editable with appropriate ACL
  • svc_www services now use common footer/header
  • Display a list of any virtual hosts an account controls on that account's view page.
  • Allow external service (svc_external) fields to be populated from inventory.
  • Clean up and agent-virtualize svc_broadband searching


  • Added better inline documentation explaining fields for customer CSV import.
  • Customer CSV import extended to include company name.
  • Web tool added to import payments from CSV file
  • Web tool added to import customer comments from CSV file

Dialup POPs (Points of Presence)

  • Added a quick command-line import tool
  • Moved POP searching / listing to new common template.

Bug fixes

  • Fixes to work with current DBIx::DBSchema
  • Restored "(none)" choice to first package select.
  • Remove remaining "all white" error pages.
  • Made sure "emailinvoiceonly" option completely hides postal and fax options alltogether.
  • Fixed bug re-emailing failed invoice email events.
  • Removed deprecated "session" table causing problems on upgrade.
  • Fixed slowness errors on change package and made it into a popup.
  • Fixed package date editing strangeness if you get an error or are asked to confirm a date move into the past.
  • Fixed "Error: Error inserting cust_pkg_reason: ERROR: value to long for type character varying(32)" errors when inserting reasons with a very long real name.
  • Fixed unlikely edge case with new line-item application stuff which could cause 'Can't call method "part_pkg" on an undefined value at .../ line 434' errors in some tax cases.
  • Pruned any "dangling" cust_credit_refund records which may have been inserted by previous development code.
  • Fixed the javascript warning for DNS entries with quotes (") in them, allowing them to be deleted.
  • Fixed search by check#
  • Fixed status color in small_custview
  • When changing packages, don't set setup date unless old package has one.
  • Fixed links to svc_broadband services from service definition browse.
  • Fix IE ignoring maxLength on one-time charge additional description fields, allowing you to enter a description that is too long.
  • MailTools fix (v2.00 or later required)
  • Employees usernames with uppercase characters are now explicitly disallowed.
  • Move agent-specific payment gateway configuration to reseller section (so folks stop trying to configure their primary payment gateway there). Also fix the disable option.
  • Fix annoying resize of "New customer" button on mouseover.
  • Remove broken and unused "collect on invoices" invoice event.
  • Mask ACH info in payment history
  • Fix edit of ACH routing code only
  • Fix Safari popup (iframe) caching problems
  • signup.cgi fix for hidden agentnum tags with trailing "/ >"
  • Don't show newer service detail on older invoices


  • Update overlibmws popup library to current version