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This is the changelog for the 1.9.4 point release.

For a more detailed, raw log of changes, see the source ChangeLog

Message templates

  • A new framework for storing fill-in message templates and sending them to customers via billing events.



  • Inbound CDR billing
  • WIP CDR format
  • Fix option for ignoring calls without a rate
  • Fix invoice generation when destination numbers have *s
  • Add option to disable duplicate checking on PBX name
  • Connection charge fixes


  • Add config options to position invoice addresses in envelope windows
  • Layout fixes when using per-phone-number sectioning


  • Payment batch upload and processing shows a progress bar


  • Improved FCC 477 report with one-file XML upload
  • Aging report "as of" date now limits applied payments
  • Option to aggregate agents on sales report
  • Add "Owed" and "Payment date" to unearned revenue detail
  • Add primary service label to downloaded package reports
  • Add more information to customer services report
  • Show a progress bar for long-running CCH tax reports
  • Eliminate filtering of info from Complimentary customers on financial reports


  • New high-performance non-Apache XML-RPC server for self-service API.


  • Allow user to disable HTML editor for notes


  • Communigate Pro domain and account rules
  • OpenSRS improvements

Bug fixes

  • Fix error messages when send_email fails in the job queue
  • Fix "Re-enter password" label on employee edit
  • Fix losing rates when renaming a rate plan
  • Fix credits applied in wrong month on sales/invoices/receipts report
  • Fix "-e DBI:Pg:dbname=freeside" datasrc winding up in secrets as a result of weird implementations of echo as a shell builtin that ignore -e
  • Remove unnecessary "-T" option from freeside-setup and other scripts, causing unnecessary warnings about $ENV{PATH} and such
  • Fix rare possibility of rolling back a gateway transaction
  • Fix rare cancellations problems with packages that have many inter-dependent services