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For a more detailed, raw log of changes, see the source ChangeLog


  • Request Tracker ticketing system updated to version 3.6.
  • Ticketing now fully integrated into our menus


  • New billing event system replaces invoice events
  • Set the displayed name for follow-up notices from the event rather than proliferating templates
  • Invoice typesetting overhaul with invoice sections, payment coupon, leading summary page options
  • Rewrote and enhanced customer-to-customer referral system (see Referral credits)
  • Ability to use USPS address standardization
  • Ability to use CCH taxation data
  • Add base_rate price plan.
  • Per-customer "Invoice terms" override
  • Quick payment entry running total
  • Add reporting & resolution interface for transactions for which no payment gateray response is received
  • Add options to one time charges for tax setup, future billing date, invoice terms
  • Fix tax reporting for more complex situations with counties and taxclasses, make taxable line items clickable
  • Third-party payment processor support (redirecting customer browser to the payment processor web site)
  • Add ability to make manual tax adjustments to show up on future customer invoices
  • Automatic returned check processing, when supported by processor and B:OP module
  • Refactored batch processing to enable "plug-in" of batch processors like real-time processors
  • Added Paymentech batching


  • Reorganized ACL edit page into sections

Resellers (Agents)

  • More complete agent virtualization, especially self-configuration. Company name, logo, address, package definitions, etc.
  • Access groups from agent edit
  • Agent wholesale charging (associate master customer with agent, use cost fields in package definition)


  • Reworked customer view into sections
  • Added ability to view customer change history
  • Added ability to upload files attached to customer record
  • Expanded "First package" ability to handle more kinds of packages including those with phone services.


Customer packages

  • Customer package order now categorizes packages into classes, to more easily find the desired package
  • Add option for a future start date on package orders
  • Customers may now have different locations per-package
  • Old packages now hidden by default on customer view
  • Experimental per-package balances

Package definitions

  • Rewrote package definition edit.
  • Added pricing add-ons (displayed separated, or bundled as a single line item)
  • Added service add-ons.
  • Package categories to group package classes
  • Package definition browse enhancements: hide/show one-time charges
  • Flag custom package definitions


  • Service definition now includes editing of the labels used for each field.


  • Password encoding overhaul (see Password encoding in 1.9)
  • Add option to run shellcommands immediately and abort provisioning on errors.


  • Add TLD checking.


  • Agent-virtualized address blocks and routers
  • coordinates can be negative
  • Fixed bugs in Prizm export and updated for new Prizm version.
  • Soma Networks integration
  • Allow null IP address
  • Ping tool



  • Better prepaid support: "pickup and bill" daemon, roll-up statements, API hooks.
  • Many new options in VoIP price plan
  • Per-destination usage classes for reporting and taxation purposes
  • Updated matching for toll-free prefixes
  • Added ability to copy rates between regions
  • Wholesale billing for VoIP termination
  • Prorating and subscription options in addition to anniversary
  • Rate download/edit/upload Excel spreadhseet
  • Add single_price option to do do one per-minute price without rate tables
  • Added option to bill outstanding usage when cancelling


  • Better display of CDRs on invoices, and additional formatting options
  • More CDR search options, and ability to bulk delete and/or rebill
  • Added additional CDR formats: Bell West, Broadsoft, Indosoft, Sansay, Transnexus, Troop, Vitelity
  • CDR retrieval by FTP/SFTP/TFTP
  • CDR rewrite daemon for rewriting Asterisk forwarded calls to be billable


  • Tracking of devices and MAC addresses
  • GlobalPOPs integration including DID availability
  • Revived RADIUS VoIP support, added export, usage retrieval, rlm_perl hook for prepaid
  • Internal DID inventory and availability checking
  • Added ability to provision to: Vitelity, Netsapiens


  • Phone number + PIN login option
  • Call detail viewing
  • Usage viewing
  • Address changes
  • Ordering and provisioning phone services
  • Ability to skin self-service from backend config without editing multiple HTML templates
  • International credit card payments
  • Pass IP address in from signup page to payment gateways which accept it.
  • Include Asterisk-aware self-service page based on ARI.
  • Include example java glue to talk to XML-RPC self-service.


  • FCC Form 477 reporting
  • Unapplied payment report with date breakdown like receivables report
  • Voided payment report
  • Added rated call sales report and option to sales report to count usage separately from recurring


  • New config editor, config stored in database
  • Freeside-to-Freeside provisioning export to offer services to other Freeside instances.
  • Better Nomadix integration
  • Per-employee vonage integration
  • Initial implementation of usage tracking for consulting using RT TimeWorked