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This is the changelog for the 2.1.1 release.

For additional changes since 1.9, see Freeside:2.1:Changelog

For a more detailed, raw log of changes, see the source ChangeLog


  • Fix error with MySQL and condition column

Message templates

  • A new framework for storing fill-in message templates and sending them to customers via billing events


  • New web tool to import packages for existing customers from CSV files or Excel spreadsheets
  • New web tool to import customer notes
  • Ignore expired cards on customer import


  • Customer tags
  • Add "view customers of all agents" access right
  • New "Ordered" customer status indicating a recurring package is ordered, but not yet setup
  • "Bill now" link progressbar
  • Show declines in customer payment history
  • "Cancel later" option available for whole customer in addition to individual packages


Price plans

  • Ability for a single package definition to have discounts for quarterly/annual/other term length
  • Option for anniversary packages to sync dates to other customer packages and prorate.
  • Auto-suspend after N months option


  • Customer credit limits
  • New once_every condition: Don't run this event more than once in the specified interval
  • New once_perinv condition: Run only once for each time the package has been billed
  • New pkg_next_bill_within condition: Next bill date within upcoming interval
  • New cust_bill_past_due condition: Invoice past due - offers more granular control of past due notices when customer and invoice terms vary


  • CDR rating time-of-day/day-of-week overrides
  • CDR matching by PBX tenant (multi-tenant Thirdlane, others)
  • CDR display uses international date_format config if set
  • Fix search of pending CDRs by src field in addition to charged_party
  • Always show minutes and seconds instead of minutes with a decimal place
  • New CDR formats: Taqua OM, CIA, Infinite Conferencing
  • CDR SFTP/FTP options for port and passive mode
  • Import/feed CDRs from a remote database in addition to direct drop-off and CSV import


  • Option for batch download of invoice PDF spool
  • add config variables to position invoice addresses in envelope windows
  • Fix display of bundled packages when parent packages have 0 charges, correct section handling, fix propagation of other display attribute to child package line items.
  • Handle display of CDR detail without a usage_class when using svc_phone sections
  • Create a default finance section and have hidden sectionless line items remain sectionless

Payment receipts

  • Fix overzealous payment receipt and add an option to disable them entirely


  • Payment batch upload and processing shows a progress bar
  • Save batched cards and masks for later refund, remove CVV after first use like realtime
  • Fix command-line batch commands to omit transactions already otherwise paid, like the web batch tool


  • Performance improvements when billing large customer bases.


  • New "Checklist" ticket view for installations and similar workflow
  • Turn "create ticket" back into a link instead of a button
  • Show customers in ticket lists, sort by customer number or name
  • Restore email address by default in RT 3.8
  • Custom fields defined as dates (calendar popup, validation, searching before/after, etc.)
  • Fix ticket links relationship graph
  • Fix rt/rt links (custom field configuration, homepage refresh)
  • Fix harmless error when bulk deleting tickets
  • Fix triggering email and recording a linked ticket on reminders
  • Fix RT dashboards and dashboard subscriptions
  • Custom field option: "required for ticket resolution"


  • Inventory activity report
  • Fix CSV/Excel report downloads
  • Package reports: Add service label to downloads
  • CCH taxation: Add progressbar to long-runningreports
  • FCC Form 477 improvements and fixed XML output
  • Package summary report
  • Fix searches by employee
  • Fix customer signup date and restore missing ones
  • Suspension/unsuspension report
  • Invoice reports: filter by customer payment type
  • Reports for unapplied payments, refunds and credits
  • Option to include credit balance customers in aging report


  • New high-performance non-Apache XML-RPC server for self-service API.
  • New Drupal signup/self-service module
  • Fix initial county selection in default signup page
  • Ensure signup payments are applied immediately


  • Customer exports: cust_main-exports config option and example HTTP/HTTPS export
  • Communigate pro updates: domain rule updates, vacation/redirect all account rules, archive messages, RPOP
  • agent_custid available in shellcommands exports
  • Default OpenSRS registrations to 1 year


  • DNS improvements to UI and functionality (TTL support, new record types)
  • Bulk email to search results for packages and broadband services in addition to customers


  • Commit between each table upgrade
  • Avoid queueing a bunch of fuzzyfile update jobs on upgrade
  • Limit memory use when upgrading attachments
  • Fix schema upgrade with ancient cust_bill_pkg_detail.classnum but new DBIx::DBSchema
  • Upgrade fixes for old datasets (NULL cust_pkg_reason.action & cust_credit.creasonnum, cust_pay.payby of COMP)


  • Update the RPM build system and check it into CVS. Update CentOS 5, drop CentOS 4.
  • Disable noisy RTAddressRegexp warning for now
  • Clearer error message when send_email fails in the job queue
  • Fix package date editing w/international dates
  • Fix agent (reseller) payment gateway overrides throwing an error
  • Cleaner full customer delete for testing customers
  • Fix fixed-amount discounts against packages with package add-ons.
  • Work around changes in census-coding web interface and add option for now-available 2010 data.
  • Fix using agent_custid (legacy customer numbers) in quick payment entry