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This is the changelog for the 3.2 release.

For a more detailed, raw log of changes, see the git log


  • Full PayPal support for customer payment via browser redirect from self-service

Sales People

  • Per-package sales people, sales person commissions




  • Address standardization with new TomTom API (replaces EZ-Locate /
  • Address standardization with Melissa Data
  • Clear existing coordinate fields on address edit
  • Option to make a separate shipping company field available again


  • Search by credit card number or masked credit card number
  • Edit one-time charges before billing


  • Improve readability when both summaries and previous balance summaries are enabled
  • Added option to put previous balance detail in a section of its own
  • New "Invoice configurations" feature to replace multiple templates in a cleaner fashion


  • Improve layout of package order and change popups
  • Fix suspension reasons
  • Preserve quantities on package changes
  • Prorating with per-day instead of per-second granularity
  • Discount classes
  • Discounts on bulk packages
  • Package definition comment is no longer a required field

Message templates

  • Improve UI for multi-language message templates
  • Fix substitutions for new CKEditor version
  • Disable message templates
  • Improve per-agent templates


  • A2Billing integration (provisioning, CDR imports)
  • Include prerated CDRs in prepaid API responses
  • Track PBX extensions
  • On invoices, hide zero price CDRs by default (same behavior as 2.3.x), option to show


  • Assign entire address blocks to services and export to RADIUS Framed-Route
  • Track RADIUS usage for svc_broadband services in addition to svc_acct


  • Add additional fields to towers for mapping

New Services

  • svc_cable for tracking cable service
  • svc_alarm for tracking alarm service


  • Customer, tax reports: option to break down by package class
  • FCC 477 report: Percentages to 3 decimal places, fix submission for 0 value fields
  • Census tracts for FCC 477 reporting: Fix census tract determination for FFIEC site changes, improve census tract editing UI, add missing census tracts to location report
  • Sales report: Select multiple package classes or report classes, manual color selection, show add-on packages
  • Payment report: Select by payment entry batch
  • New report showing phone number breakdown by state


  • Fix Texas tax exemption edge cases with new prorate options
  • Improve memory usage when upgrading from very large 2.3.x databases
  • Support "selectable choice" for arbitrary service fields