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LDAP notes

To replace/delete the LDAP entry we have to find the existing one by its DN. Currently the insert method creates a DN like uid=mark, dc=freeside, dc=biz (or whatever your userdn is set to). This fails for non-unique usernames, which we support everywhere else. It also fails if we ever want to use it for non-svc_acct things, which just might happen someday now that we have cust_main exports.

So there's now an export option, "key_attrib", which is the name of the LDAP attribute that will be used as the node name. If this isn't set, it will use the first one that has a value of $username, which should be backward-compatible. If there's a need we could allow multiple key_attribs (uid=mark, dc=mydomain...?), but in that case it might be simpler to just use cn=$svcnum or something else that's guaranteed unique.