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Current (3.x) (as of 11/2015)

  • IE 8+ (lots of WinXP clients out there still)
  • Firefox 38+ ("Extended Support Release")
  • Chrome 37+ (version of chromium in Debian 7)
  • Safari 5+
  • Opera (12+?)

Future (4.x)

  • IE11+ (Win7)
    • folks still on XP after its EOL can use Firefox or Chrome, IE 11 is now available on Win 7 (and after January 2016, the only supported browser)
    • chrome on xp support ends AprilDecember 2015
    • windows security essentials stopped being supported on XP in july 2015
    • malicious software removal tool was supposed to end then too, but it showed up for august
    • MS dropped support for older browsers on a platform as of January 2016
  • Firefox 38+ (current/latest ESR)
  • Chrome 41+
  • Safari 6+? (latest running on the still-used OSX/iOS versions)
  • Opera latest (still supported, but v15+ uses the same engine as Chrome, so not separately tested)