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=== Sample Code ===
=== Sample Code ===
* [[Freeside:1.9:Documentation:Developer/FS/SelfService/php/freeside.login_example.php|freeside.login_example.php]]
* [[Freeside:1.9:Documentation:Developer/FS/SelfService/php/php_example|freeside.login_example.php]]

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The Self Service API provides an interface for customer management systems to interact with Freeside. The Self Service API will support any language with a correct XML-RPC implementation. The Freeside distribution includes sample code and libraries for perl, PHP, and Java.

File Locations, Documentation and Sample Code

The files are located in freeside/fs_selfservice/

  • FS-SelfService - Stock Self Service Interface
  • php - sample php code
  • perl - sample perl code
  • java - sample Java code

API Documentation

FS::SelfService API

Language Specific Documentation


  • Install the self service interface per the Installation Instructions.
  • The API Documentation is written for a Perl audience and includes sample code.


Helper Class

Support for PHP is through the freeside.class.php file located in freeside/fs_selfservice/php.

Be sure to set the correct URL to point to your Freeside server.

Sample Code