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= Self-service =
= Self-service =
* Added announcement page configuration setting
* Announcement page configuration setting
= VoIP/Telco =
= VoIP/Telco =

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This is the changelog for the 3.8 release.

For a more detailed, raw log of changes, see the git log


  • Email a simplified customer payment history / statement
  • Added total recurring display in customer view -> Basics -> Billing
  • Refund receipts and re-sending


  • Delay package from billing until services are provisioned


  • Show total first payment when available
  • Add package notes


  • Announcement page configuration setting


  • Integration with Broadsoft Broadworks platform
  • Circuit tracking usability enhancements: better searching, more information displayed directly on customer pages


  • Trigger disconnection packets
  • Package add-ons for usage/gigabytes


  • FCC 477 reporting: graphical selection of deployment zones and automatic census block lookup
  • New Monthly sales tax report
  • Payment (and refund) search: group by payment type, with subtotals
  • Option to include discounts in gross amounts
  • Option to include taxes in sales report
  • Tax report: add tax collected and credited sales
  • Payment application details: include package class and credit card type
  • Failed self-signups are now reconciled by voiding rather than crediting



  • Wholesale pricing based on invoiced amounts in addition to package information