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* [[Freeside:3:Documentation:User:Tower_coverage_estimation|Generate and show tower/sector coverage maps]] (using Splat)
* [[Freeside:3:Documentation:User:Tower_coverage_estimation|Generate and show tower/sector coverage maps]] (using Splat)
* TowerCoverage.com integration
* Show usage from wireless broadband services in self-service
* Show usage from wireless broadband services in self-service

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This is the changelog for the 3.91 release.

For a more detailed, raw log of changes, see the git log

Address normalization and invoice printing

  • New web services available for all support contract customers
  • US address normalization is free
  • Invoice printing is $1/invoice -- includes printing, envelope, postage and mailing, perforated coupon and return envelope

Secure passwords

  • Secure password restrictions have been re-tuned to provide useful security without being overly restrictive. If you have previously disabled secure passwords because they were too oo restrictive, please give them a try again.



  • Bandwidth.com integration
  • Sipwise integration
  • PortaOne integration
  • Evarsite integration
  • Update VSS integration for new CDR format
  • Option to section invoices by account code

Fiber service

  • Added fields for circuit ID and OLT site


  • New fields for confidence percentage and expected close date

Installer scheduling

  • Installer scheduling UI improvements


  • Indicator on the top bar for new activity on tickets


  • Invoice details can be added when ordering a package
  • Additional flexibility for automatic un-suspension

Billing events

  • New action to send an invoice as a notice attachment
  • New condition to prevent events from running on weekends
  • New conditions for customer having/not having canceled packages or package classes


  • Tax overview showing all taxes
  • Improved performance of "List Customers"
  • Add advertising source to customer fields selection


  • ISPConfig integration
  • Use HTTPS to connect to the US Census site (fixes connection problems)
  • Fix upgrades when passwords have history