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= WISP =
= WISP =
* Enhanced [[Freeside:3:Documentation:User:Tower_coverage_estimation|tower RF coverage maps]]
* Enhanced [[Freeside:3:Documentation:User:Tower_coverage_estimation|internal tower RF coverage maps]]
* Enhanced TowerCoverage integration
= VoIP/Telco =  
= VoIP/Telco =  

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This is the changelog for the 3.92 release.

For a more detailed, raw log of changes, see the git log



  • Add web service for LRN/LNP (portabililty) lookup for accurate US domestic call rating when not charging a single flat per-minute rate for all US calls. Also allows an actual determination of interstate vs. intrastate revenue, potentially reducing taxes owen compared to using the FCC safe harbor percentage.
  • New CDR formats: CallPlus, Vocus


  • Save any search and send periodic email updates
  • New report on contract end dates
  • Add reasons to package churn report


  • Added ability to set a Google Maps API key for a higher rate-limit (fixes maps not appearing for large sites)

Cacti integration

  • Improve reliability of Cacti integration

Customer self-service

  • Improve end-user error messages for invalid cards and amounts

Billing events

  • New action to open a ticket
  • New condition to prevent events from running on holidays


  • Optionally show intro rates as discounts