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Example usage:
Example usage:
<pre>wa_tax_rate_update -t "State Sales Tax" -c "Sales"</pre>
<pre>sudo -u freeside wa_tax_rate_update -t "State Sales Tax" -c "Sales"</pre>
-t defines the tax name<br>
-t defines the tax name<br>

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See also: Freeside:4:Documentation:Administration:Tax_Districts


Freeside currently supports billing taxes by district, instead of city/county/state. Currently this is only supported in the state of Washington. The information is pulled from the Washington Department of Revenue for updating customer records with tax districts while also updating the tax rates in the internal tax editor located at Configuration -> Billing -> Locales and tax rates.


Configure option: tax_district_method, in Configuration -> Settings. Currently the only option is Washington sales tax.

The command freeside-tax-district-update will need to be ran. User should be replaced with a valid user in Freeside.

sudo -u freeside freeside-tax-district-update user

The command will update the 'district' field for all customers and service locations using an online tax information lookup method. Looking up the tax district will create a cust_main_county record with the tax rate for that district. All jobs are queued so their may be some delay before all records are modified.

Updating tax rates

The script wa_tax_rate_update can be used to update taxes in the cust_main_county table.

Example usage:

sudo -u freeside wa_tax_rate_update -t "State Sales Tax" -c "Sales"

-t defines the tax name
-c defines the tax class

This will download the new rates and upgrade the tax tables. You will need to do this for each tax class you have setup in your system.