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FS::Misc::Geo - routines to fetch geographic information


get_censustract_ffiec LOCATION YEAR
Given a location hash (see FS::location_Mixin) and a census map year, returns a census tract code (consisting of state, county, and tract codes) or an error message.
get_district LOCATION METHOD
For the location hash in LOCATION, using lookup method METHOD, fetch tax district information. Currently the only available method is 'wa_sales' (the Washington Department of Revenue sales tax lookup).
Returns a hash reference containing the following fields:
- district - tax (percentage) - taxname - exempt_amount (currently zero) - city, county, state, country (from
The intent is that you can assign this to an FS::cust_main_county object and insert it if there's not yet a tax rate defined for that district.
get_district will die on error.
Given 'address1' and 'address2' strings, extract the sublocation part (from either one) and return it. If the sublocation was found in ADDRESS1, also return ADDRESS2 (cleaned up for postal standards) as it's assumed to contain something relevant.


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