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This is a meta-export that triggers other exports for FS::svc_broadband objects based on a set of configurable conditions. These conditions are defined by the following FS::router virtual fields:

nas_conf - Per-router meta-export configuration. See "nas_conf Syntax".

nas_conf Syntax


export_name - Name or exportnum of the export to be executed. In order to specify export options you must use the exportnum form. (ex. 'router' for FS::part_export::router).; routernum - FS::router routernum corresponding to the desired FS::router for which this export will be run.; field - FS::svc_broadband field (real or virtual). The following condition (regex) will be matched against the value of this field.; condition - A regular expression to be match against the value of the previously listed FS::svc_broadband field.

If multiple routernum's are specified, then the export will be triggered for each router listed. If multiple field/condition pairs are present, then the results of the matches will be and'd. Note that if a false match is found, the rest of the matches may not be checked.

You can specify multiple export/router/condition sets by concatenating them with '||'.