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freeside-rbc-download - Retrieve payment batch responses from RBC.


 freeside-rbc-download [ -v ] [ -f filename ] [ -a archivedir ] user


Command line tool to download payment batch responses from the Royal Bank of Canada ACH service. These files are fixed-width data files containing some combination of valid, returned, or reversed payment records.

By default, the script will download any files with names like "RPT9999X.111" where 9999 is a four-digit document type code (like "0900", all records), X is the letter "P" for production or "T" for test mode, and 111 is a counter incremented with each new response file. After the files are downloaded, RBC's server will automatically rename them with the suffix '.downloaded%FTPS' to avoid double-processing them.

-v: Be verbose.

-f filename: Download a file with a specific name, instead of all files matching the pattern. This can be used to reprocess a specific file.

-a directory: Archive the files in the specified directory.

-n: Do not try to close batches after applying results.

user: freeside username