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freeside-tax-location-update - Update service locations with tax data vendor codes.


 freeside-tax-location-update [ -d ] user


When using tax tables from an external vendor, there's a table of tax jurisdiction codes that act as a foreign key to the tax rate definitions. The jurisdiction is usually chosen based on the customer's postal code.

This script finds all non-disabled customer locations that don't have a value in the 'geocode' field, finds the most likely matching geocode in the cust_tax_location table, and stores that geocode in the cust_location record. This is not guaranteed to be accurate. There may be multiple correct geocodes for a given zip code; the script chooses the one that's marked as "default".

The -d option tells the script to work on disabled location records as well, which is not likely to be necessary.

Updating the geocode this way is not a location change and does not trigger a cancel/reorder of the customer's packages.