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freeside-wipe-cvv - Wipe sensitive payment information from customer records.


 freeside-wipe-cvv [ -v ] [ -n ] [ -d days ] user


freeside-wipe-cvv deletes the CVV numbers (and, optionally, credit card or bank account numbers) of customers who have no non-canceled packages. Normally CVV numbers are deleted as soon as a payment is processed; if the customer is canceled before a payment is processed, this may not happen and the CVV will remain indefinitely, violating good security practice and (possibly) your merchant agreement. Running freeside-wipe-cvv will remove this data.

-v: Be verbose.

-n: Remove card and account numbers in addition to CVV numbers. This will also set the customer's payment method to 'BILL'.

-d days: Only remove CVV/card numbers from customers who have been inactive for at least that many days. Optional; will default to all canceled customers.