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Commercial installation, customization, support and training services are offered through Freeside Internet Services. See Freeside Commercial services.

The following consultants or companies also offering commercial services have asked to be listed. If you would like to list yourself or your company, simply edit the Wiki and add yourself. An example template is at the bottom of the list.

Inclusion on this list (in either section) in no way implies an affiliation or endorsement of any kind.

Core developers

This section lists companies or consultants which employ/are core developers.

Freeside Internet Services, Inc.

Core developers: Ivan Kohler, Jeremy Davis, Mark Wells, Erik Levinson
Location: Offices in Truckee, California and Monroe, Louisiana
Contact: +1 415 462 1624 ext 1 /
Payment methods accepted: Credit card, Check, Paypal, Wire transfer
Additional information: Founded by original software author, employs other core contributors.

Jason Hall

Jason Hall
Location: Eagle Mountain, UT
Contact: / jayce (at) lug-nut dot com / jabber - gtalk at email address
Payment methods accepted: Check, Wire, Cash
Handle: Jayce^


This section lists companies who offer Freeside-related consulting services, but who do not employ any core developers or contributors.

Direct Leap Technologies, Inc.

Location: Toronto, Canada
Contact: 1 (416) 405-8073
We provide integration with large-scale and highly-available telephony systems and service provider infrastructure.

...add yourself here...

Example Company (template)

John Doe
Location: in Townsville, Country
Contact: phone / email / IM details / whatever you want
Payment methods accepted: Paypal
Additional information: Wrote the patch for blah blah blah.


This section lists companies who previously offered Freeside-related consulting services, but who seem to be out of business or unreachable.

Shiv Kumar

URL: +91-11-26141600,+91-9312878533
Location: New Delhi, India
Consultant for Freeside+RT for over 2 years Specializing in remote installation, configuration & commissioning on Linux & Solaris
Payment: Electronic Transfer, Paypal
Rates: Can be discussed

Emsys Technologies

Location: Hyderabad, India
Payment methods accepted: Paypal, wire transfer