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* [[Broadband_Services_Spec]]
* [[Broadband_Services_Spec]]
= WIKI Reference =
= WIKI Reference =

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Maintenance Version: 1.4.2
released July 11th, 2005
No further development is expected on the 1.4 branch
Current Version: 1.5.8
released May 22nd, 2006
Recommended for new installations
Likely the last release in the 1.5.* development branch. A maintainer is sought for a 1.6.* schema-stable series. See http://www.sisd.com/pipermail/freeside-devel/2006-May/000546.html
Bleeding Edge Version: 1.7.0
"gradients make everything better"

Turn Key Solutions



Specs in progress

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WIKI Reference

How to edit pages (wiki markup, etc)
Configuration settings list
User's Guide

Sandbox ← Use this page to test out editing, learn the ropes, etc.

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