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This is the changelog for the 2.3.6 release.

For a more detailed, raw log of changes, see the git log


Credit line items

  • New "credit line items" feature to issue a credit for past line items and their applicable taxes


  • NACHA e-check batching
  • Show declined batch payments in payment history like real-time declines


  • Improve first-page invoice summary

Billing events

  • New condition: "Customer has a referring customer with uncanceled specific package(s)"
  • New condition: "Run this event the specified number of times per customer"
  • New action: "Increment the referring customer's package's next bill date"
  • New action: "Discount the referring customer's package"

CCH taxation

  • Fix "tax-on-tax" taxes when using CCH taxation data
  • Fix location chooser in modern browsers


  • Add "Sender:" header to avoid Outlook prepending "rt@machine_name on behalf of" to From: lines



  • Phone device tracking (ATAs, phones) with inventory and MAC address
  • Option to display inbound CDRs in self-service
  • Prepaid API now compatible with pkg-balances


  • Fix state selection with new VoIP Innovations API
  • IPIfony integration
  • Improve NetSapiens integration to work around bad CDR records
  • Option to omit Caller ID (clid) when importing Asterisk CDRs


  • Fix "open sessions" report with modern MySQL and Pg
  • Fix RADIUS data usage report when using RADIUS with domains


  • Improve SNMP export MIB selection
  • Add suspend/unsuspend hooks to HTTP export


New reports

  • Added advanced phone number search
  • Added line item detail report
  • Internal event log now tracks daily billing job and timing
  • Agent commission report

Report additions

  • Filter by customer class on all financial reports
  • Advanced customer report: Add "with email address(es)" and "with/without postal mail invoices" options
  • Customer Accounting Summary: option to separate one-time vs recurring charges
  • Payment report: Optional time selection

Report fixes

  • Fix Excel (XLS and XLSX) downloads
  • Fix report day selection on daylight-savings boundary days


  • Preserve FCC 477 report classes for cloned packages
  • Bulk edit FCC 477 report classes
  • Fix discounts on setup fees with intro period packages


  • Fix usergroup changes when changing to a service definition with a fixed usergroup

Customer self-service

  • Customer self-service: Fix missing next bill date displaying as 1/1/70
  • Respect "hidden" service definition status
  • Configuration setting to disable menu entries
  • Option to display inbound CDRs in self-service


  • Per-agent print commands
  • Support agent-ship_address config setting in backoffice interface too
  • Agent commission report


  • Fix IE10 vs. our HTML editor (compatibility mode no longer required)
  • Trim leading and trailing spaces from all names and companies to improve search accuracy
  • Add option for percentage commissions against pro-rated partial monthly charges