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This is the changelog for the 3.0 release.

For a more detailed, raw log of changes, see the git log


  • Quotations for prospects


  • Upgrade from Request Tracker 3.8 to 4.0 (4.0.8)
  • Tickets can be linked to specific customer services


  • Address standardization, census tracting and geocoding via EZ-Locate ( in addition to the current USPS / FFIEC / Google Maps API hodgepodge.
  • Custom fields rewrite and customer custom fields
  • Added Paypal and Wire Transfer payment types
  • Display/edit of contacts on customer view, added contact classes
  • Add the ability to set tax exemption per customer class rather than per individual customer


  • Quantities
  • Options to bill a partial period on suspension and/or cancellation
  • Configuration option to automatically have price changes only affect new customers

Sales People

  • New concept of sales persons as distinct from agents (used for companies) or employees (login into the backoffice interface).


  • Invoice voiding


  • Encryption of payment information enabled by default in new installs
  • Quick payment entry: apply payments to specific invoices
  • Refactor of gateway return data (authorization / order numbers) into more easily searchable fields
  • Payment and refund reports: select multiple payment types, specify times in addition to dates


  • Inventory/netblock IP address allocation for svc_acct services in addition to svc_broadband
  • Service definition classes
  • Option to select export host per customer service

Billing events

  • Trigger events on svc_acct records



  • For postpaid, option to rate CDRs immediately/real-time instead of waiting until invoice generation time
  • "Included calls" alternative to minutes, when otherwise using timed rating
  • Resolve conflict between connection charges and (group) included minutes
  • Option to omit $0 rated calls from invoices
  • Exact-match rate regions for special numbers
  • Per-package bundles of voice minutes


  • GSM TAP3.12 import/export
  • Reduce memory usage when rating lots of CDRs for a single customer (typically wholesale)
  • Option to match CDRs to service by IP address


  • Huawei HLR integration

Address refactor

  • Internal refactoring of addresses into their own table
  • Immutable historical tax reporting via address history


  • MySQL is not supported in version 3.0. Sponsorship or development contributions toward the continuing maintenance of MySQL support are welcomed.


  • Reorganized Configuration menu