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FS::Report::FCC_477 - Routines for FCC Form 477 reports





THE "NEW" REPORT (October 2014 and later)


Returns the report section SECTION (see the parts method for section name strings). OPTIONS may contain the following:
- date: a timestamp value. Packages that were active on that date will be counted.
- agentnum: limit to packages with this agent.
- ignore_quantity: if true, package quantities will be ignored (only distinct packages will be counted).
The result will be a hashref containing three parallel arrayrefs: - "data", the columns required by the FCC. - "detail", a list of the package numbers included in each row's aggregation - "error", a hashref containing any error status strings in that row. Keys are error identifiers, values are the messages to show the user. as well as an informational item: - "num_errors", the number of rows that contain errors
report_data SECTION, OPTIONS
Returns only the data, not the detail or error columns. This is the part that will be submitted to the FCC.
Returns a Tie::IxHash reference of the internal short names used for the report sections ('fbd', 'mbs', etc.) to the full names.
part_table SECTION
Returns the name of the primary table that's aggregated in the report section SECTION. The last column of the report returned by the "report" method is a comma-separated list of record numbers, in this table, that are included in the report line item.