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FS::cust_bill_pkg_detail - Object methods for cust_bill_pkg_detail records


 use FS::cust_bill_pkg_detail;

 $record = new FS::cust_bill_pkg_detail \%hash;
 $record = new FS::cust_bill_pkg_detail { 'column' => 'value' };

 $error = $record->insert;

 $error = $new_record->replace($old_record);

 $error = $record->delete;

 $error = $record->check;


An FS::cust_bill_pkg_detail object represents additional detail information for an invoice line item (see FS::cust_bill_pkg). FS::cust_bill_pkg_detail inherits from FS::Record. The following fields are currently supported:

detailnum - primary key; billpkgnum - link to cust_bill_pkg; amount - price of this line item detail; format - '' for straight text and 'C' for CSV in detail; classnum - link to usage_class; duration - granularized number of seconds for this call; regionname -; phonenum -; accountcode - accountcode; startdate - CDR startdate, if any; detail - detail description


Creates a new line item detail. To add the line item detail to the database, see "insert".
Note that this stores the hash reference, not a distinct copy of the hash it points to. You can ask the object for a copy with the hash method.
Adds this record to the database. If there is an error, returns the error, otherwise returns false.
Delete this record from the database.
replace OLD_RECORD
Replaces the OLD_RECORD with this one in the database. If there is an error, returns the error, otherwise returns false.
Checks all fields to make sure this is a valid line item detail. If there is an error, returns the error, otherwise returns false. Called by the insert and replace methods.
formatted [ OPTION => VALUE ... ]
Returns detail information for the invoice line item detail formatted for display.
Currently available options are: format escape_function
If format is set to html or latex then the format is improved for tabular appearance in those environments if possible.
If escape_function is set then the format is processed by this function before being returned.
DEPRECATED? (mostly unused, expensive) If format_function is set then the detail is handed to this callback for processing.
Returns the FS::cust_bill_pkg object (the invoice line item) that this detail belongs to.



FS::cust_bill_pkg, FS::Record, schema.html from the base documentation.