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freeside-monthly - Run monthly billing and invoice collection events.


 freeside-monthly [ -d 'date' ] [ -y days ] [ -a agentnum ] [ -s ] [ -v ] user [ custnum custnum ... ]


Bills customers and runs invoice collection events, for the alternate monthly event chain. If you have defined monthly event checks, should be run from crontab monthly.

Bills customers. Searches for customers who are due for billing and calls the bill and collect methods of a cust_main object. See FS::cust_main.

 -d: Pretend it's 'date'.  Date is in any format Date::Parse is happy with,
     but be careful.

 -y: In addition to -d, which specifies an absolute date, the -y switch
     specifies an offset, in days.  For example, "-y 15" would increment the
     "pretend date" 15 days from whatever was specified by the -d switch
     (or now, if no -d switch was given).

 -p: Deprecated, will produce a fatal error (formerly was: Only process customers with the specified payby (CARD, DCRD, CHEK, DCHK, BILL, COMP, LECB))

 -a: Only process customers with the specified agentnum

 -s: re-charge setup fees

 -v: enable debugging

 -m: Experimental multi-process mode (delay upload jobs until billing jobs complete)

user: Typically "fs_daily"

custnum: if one or more customer numbers are specified, only bills those customers. Otherwise, bills all customers.


In most cases, you would use freeside-daily only and not freeside-monthly. freeside-monthly would only be used in cases where you have events that can only be run once each month, for example, batching invoices to a third-party print/mail provider.



freeside-daily, FS::cust_main, config.html from the base documentation