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These are the 2.3.x to 3.0 upgrade instructions.

Upgrade instructions



aptitude install libregexp-common-net-cidr-perl libregexp-ipv6-perl libhtml-quoted-perl libtext-password-pronounceable-perl libconvert-color-perl libemail-valid-perl

Other distributions

Install Regexp::Common::Net::CIDR, Regexp::IPv6, HTML::Quoted, Text::Password::Pronounceable, Convert::Color and Email::Valid

Initial cleanup

  • rm -r /opt/rt3/lib


  • cd freeside-3.0
  • rm -f rt/bin/rt-crontool rt/bin/rt-mailgate rt/bin/standalone_httpd rt/config.log rt/config.status rt/etc/upgrade/3.8-branded-queues-extension rt/etc/upgrade/3.8-ical-extension rt/etc/upgrade/generate-rtaddressregexp rt/etc/upgrade/split-out-cf-categories rt/etc/upgrade/vulnerable-passwords rt/sbin/rt-attributes-viewer rt/sbin/rt-clean-sessions rt/sbin/rt-dump-database rt/sbin/rt-email-dashboards rt/sbin/rt-email-digest rt/sbin/rt-email-group-admin rt/sbin/rt-server rt/sbin/rt-shredder rt/sbin/rt-validator rt/t/data/configs/apache2.2+fastcgi.conf rt/t/data/configs/apache2.2+mod_perl.conf rt/lib/ rt/Makefile
  • make clean; make configure-rt; make install-perl-modules
  • As the freeside UNIX user, run freeside-upgrade username, passing the username of an internal Freeside user.
  • If freeside-upgrade hangs, try stopping Apache, all Freeside processes, and anything else connected to your database, especially on older PostgreSQL versions.


  • Edit /opt/rt3/etc/ and remove the line reading Set($WebDefaultStylesheet, 'freeside2.1');
  • As the freeside UNIX user, run /opt/rt3/sbin/rt-setup-database --dba freeside --prompt-for-dba-password --action upgrade

Final steps

  • make deploy