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FS::m2m_Common - Mixin class for classes in a many-to-many relationship


use FS::m2m_Common;

@ISA = qw( FS::m2m_Common FS::Record );


FS::m2m_Common is intended as a mixin class for classes which have a many-to-many relationship with another table (via a linking table).

It is currently assumed that the link table contains two fields named the same as the primary keys of the base and target tables, but you can ovverride this assumption if your table is different.


process_m2m OPTION => VALUE, ...
Available options:
link_table (required)
; target_table (required):; params (required)
hashref; keys are primary key values in target_table (values are boolean). For convenience, keys may optionally be prefixed with the name of the primary key, as in "agentnum54" instead of "54", or passed as an arrayref of values.
base_field (optional)
base field, defaults to primary key of this base table
target_field (optional)
target field, defaults to the primary key of the target table
hashref (optional)
static hashref further qualifying the m2m fields





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