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FS::svc_External_Common - Base class for svc_X classes which track external databases


 package FS::svc_newservice;
 use base qw( FS::svc_External_Common );


FS::svc_External_Common is intended as a base class for table-specific classes to inherit from. FS::svc_External_Common is used for services which connect to externally tracked services via "id" and "table" fields.

FS::svc_External_Common inherits from FS::svc_Common.

The following fields are currently supported:

svcnum - primary key; id - unique number of external record; title - for invoice line items


Provides a default search_sql method which returns an SQL fragment to search the title field.
Creates a new external service. To add the external service to the database, see "insert".
Note that this stores the hash reference, not a distinct copy of the hash it points to. You can ask the object for a copy with the hash method.
Returns a string identifying this external service in the form "id:title"
insert [ , OPTION => VALUE ... ]
Adds this external service to the database. If there is an error, returns the error, otherwise returns false.
The additional fields pkgnum and svcpart (see FS::cust_svc) should be defined. An FS::cust_svc record will be created and inserted.
Currently available options are: depend_jobnum
If depend_jobnum is set (to a scalar jobnum or an array reference of jobnums), all provisioning jobs will have a dependancy on the supplied jobnum(s) (they will not run until the specific job(s) complete(s)).
Delete this record from the database.
replace OLD_RECORD
Replaces the OLD_RECORD with this one in the database. If there is an error, returns the error, otherwise returns false.
Called by the suspend method of FS::cust_pkg (see FS::cust_pkg).
Called by the unsuspend method of FS::cust_pkg (see FS::cust_pkg).
Called by the cancel method of FS::cust_pkg (see FS::cust_pkg).
Checks all fields to make sure this is a valid external service. If there is an error, returns the error, otherwise returns false. Called by the insert and replace methods.



FS::svc_Common, FS::Record, FS::cust_svc, FS::part_svc, FS::cust_pkg, schema.html from the base documentation.