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freeside-ipifony-download - Download and import invoice items from IPifony.


       [ -v ]
       [ -a archivedir ]
       [ -P port ]
       [ -C category ]
       [ -T taxclass ]
       [ -e pkgpart ]
       freesideuser sftpuser@hostname[:path]


freesideuser: the Freeside user to run as.

sftpuser: the SFTP user to connect as. The 'freeside' system user should have an authorization key to connect as that user.

hostname: the SFTP server.


-v: Be verbose.

-a archivedir: Save a copy of the downloaded file to archivedir.

-P port: Connect to that TCP port.

-C category: The name of a package category to use when creating package classes.

-e pkgpart: The pkgpart (FS::part_pkg) to use for E911 charges. A package of this type will be ordered for each invoice that has E911-subject line items. The 'quantity' field on this package will be set to the total quantity of those line items.

The E911 package must be a one-time package (flat rate, no frequency, no recurring fee) with setup fee equal to the fee per line.