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freeside-upgrade - Upgrades database schema for new freeside verisons.


 freeside-upgrade [ -d ] [ -q | -v ] [ -r ] [ -c ] [ -s ] [ -j ] [ -a ]


Reads your existing database schema and updates it to match the current schema, adding any columns or tables necessary.

Also performs other upgrade functions:

Calls FS:: Misc::prune::prune_applications (probably unnecessary every upgrade, but simply won't find any records to change); If necessary, moves your configuration information from the filesystem in /usr/local/etc/freeside/conf.<datasrc> to the database.

 [ -d ]: Dry run; output SQL statements (to STDOUT) only, but do not execute

 [ -q ]: Run quietly.  This may become the default at some point.

 [ -v ]: Run verbosely, sending debugging information to STDERR.  This is the
         current default.

 [ -s ]: Schema changes only.  Useful for Pg/slony slaves where the data
         changes will be replicated from the Pg/slony master.

 [ -r ]: Skip sqlradius updates.  Useful for occassions where the sqlradius
         databases may be inaccessible.

 [ -c ]: Skip cdr and h_cdr updates.

 [ -j ]: Run certain upgrades asychronously from the job queue.  Currently 
         used only for the 2.x -> 3.x cust_location, cust_pay and part_pkg
         upgrades.  This may cause odd behavior before the upgrade is
         complete, so it's recommended only for very large cust_main, cust_pay
         and/or part_pkg tables that take too long to upgrade.

 [ -a ]: Run schema changes in parallel (Pg only).  DBIx::DBSchema minimum 
         version 0.41 recommended.  Recommended only for large databases and
         powerful database servers, to reduce upgrade time.