1 Day Wisp Training

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Currently scheduled courses

  • Monday, October 9th, 2017 - WISPAPalooza - Las Vegas, NV - Register here


Freeside training is a one day course geared towards WISPs.

Starting off we will go over day to day operations and how Freeside can help centralize tasks and operations. Related features like our integrated ticket system and the customer-facing portal will also be covered.

Next, we will cover multi-company operations, customer referrals, employee/agent commissions, access control and the reseller capabilities of our system.

Then, we will go over various options to automate processing reducing overhead for various tasks.

Finally, we will cover WISP-specific operations including FCC 477 reporting and filing, Tower/AP/Router/IP management, RADIUS and provisioning.

Time permitting we will also go over VoIP billing and related functionality.


Freeside Basics

  • Introduction / overview
  • Create customers
  • Address standardization
  • Maps and Google Earth
  • File uploads, notes, etc...
  • Customer classes, reports, tags
  • Packages, services and exports
  • Reporting options
  • Billing basics
  • Taxes

Ticketing and Customer Management

  • Ticketing Basics
  • Search capabilities
  • Customer portal and branding


  • Billing events
  • Messages
  • Targeted marketing
  • Suspensions and cancellations

Lunch break

Customer Referrals, Resellers and Commissions

  • Resellers,agents
  • Employee Groups / ACL's
  • Customer referrals
  • Agent/Sales person Commissions

ISP Track

  • Tower/AP/Address block management
  • FCC 477 reporting
  • Customer notifications
  • Radius reporting

VoIP Track (Time permitting)

  • CDR importing
  • Basic VoIP billing
  • Rate plans
  • Bundled minutes
  • CDR types