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Freeside uses Business::OnlinePayment to process payments in real-time. See the Business::OnlinePayment homepage for supported processors.

Configuring Real-Time Processing

  • Install a real-time processing module, such as Business::OnlinePayment::TCLink, or Business::OnlinePayment::Exact
 root# cpan Business::OnlinePayment::TCLink
  • Remove the Batch Card processing event, and add a Real-Time Card processing event
    • Configuration -> Billing -> View/Edit Invoice Events
    • Click on "Batch card"
      • Check off "Disabled"
      • Click "Apply changes"
    • Click on "Add a new invoice event"
      • Name it something like "Realtime card"
      • Choose event types (probably "Credit card (automatic)")
      • Choose the radio button "Run card with a Business::OnlinePayment realtime gateway"
      • Click on "Add invoice event"
  • Enable your payment gateway
    • Configuration -> Settings
    • Click "Edit Configuration"
    • Click the "Billing" tab
      • For the 'business-onlinepayment' field, enter the Business::OnlinePayment module you are using, followed by your account ID, password, and (optionally), type of action
 Normal Authorization
  • Some payment gateways such as LinkPoint don't use a username/password, and require additional parameters. These can be passed in as key<newline>value pairs
               <-- intentionally left blank 
               <-- intentionally left blank 
 Normal Authorization
 storename     <-- key
 123456        <-- value
 keyfile       <-- key
 123456.pem    <-- value
 lbin          <-- key
 /usr/bin.lbin <-- value
  • Click "Apply Changes"



Testing Real-Time Processing

One Time Transactions

  • Choose a customer account
  • Click on 'Process credit card payment'
  • Enter a payment ammount, and credit card details
  • Click 'Process payment'
  • The transaction should happen immediately
  • Click on 'View this customer'
  • At the bottom of the screen, "Payment History" should include this transaction

Recurring Transactions

  • Choose a customer account
  • Click on 'Bill now', or run the freeside-daily cronjob from the command line as the freeside user
  • At the bottom of the screen, "Payment History" should include this transaction