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You have a customer with a 500mb email account, and they would like to upgrade to the 1000mb email account


To upgrade a user from the 500mb service to the 1000mb service, change the customer's package. The package change will call an appropriate "modify" command for the export associated with the package. The "cust_pkg-change_svcpart" configuration flag can be set to allow package changes to automatically change services.


If you use two different "Export" commands, freeside will call the "delete" command of the first package, and then the "insert" command of the second package.


  1. Config -> Provisioning, services and packages -> View/Edit Exports
  2. Edit the shell command for these services
  3. Call appropriate shell script using the 'modify' field to change disk quotas
  4. Select a customer
  5. Under packages, click "Change Package"
  6. Upgrade the user to the 1000mb service by selecting the 1000mb package, and your "modify" script will now be called. The reverse would be done if you were moving someone from 1000mb to 500mb