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Agent wholesale bulk billing


This price plan allows you to bill for the aggregate wholesale cost of all customer packages of an agent. The wholesale billing is separate from the end-customer's billing.

Wholesale package definition setup

  • Add a package definition with the "Wholesale bulk billing for agent" price plan.

Master (wholesale) customer setup

  • Add a new customer record (or use an existing customer) who will receive the aggregate wholesale bills.
  • Order the "wholesale package" from above for this customer.

Agent setup

  • Add a new agent (or use an existing agent) who will contain the end-customers.
  • Set this agent's master customer to the customer from above.
  • Optionally add a new employee group and employee(s) virtualized to this agent.

Retail (end-customer) package definition setup

  • For each package, configure the "Setup cost" and "Recur cost" fields in the "Cost tracking" section.
  • If no cost is configured, the package's setup and recurring fees (normalized per-month) will be used instead, or, to disable this behavior, set the "Bill wholesale on cost only" price plan option.