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CDR Termination Settlement billing


This price plan allows you to bill CDR settlement to a termination customer linked to by the carrierid field of the CDR. It requires that you have first billed the CDRs normally to the end-user, and bills the termination partner a customer-specific percentage of the end-user rated price.

Termination package definition setup

  • Setup an svc_external service definition
  • Add a package definition with the "VoIP/telco CDR termination", containing 1 of this svc_external service

CDR setup

  • Setup CDR end-user rating and billing normally.
  • cdr.carrierid designates the termination partner's numeric id

Termination customer setup

  • Order the termination package for this customer
  • Provision the included svc_external service with this termination partner's numeric id, designating which CDRs will be billed to the customer for termiantion.
  • Edit the customer record and set the "CDR termination settlement" percentage at the bottom of the edit page (will only show up after the package has been ordered)