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Common VOIP plan options for invoice appearance

Certain configuration options on telephony plan packages can have significant impact on the appearances of invoices by changing the data calculated and stored at the time of invoice generation.

CDR invoice display format [output_format]
controls the data stored for the usage detail on the invoice. Current choices are
 default                   - date, time, destination, regionname, duration, price
 default with source       - source, date, time, destination, regionname, duration, price
 default with account code - date, time, account code, destination, regionname, duration, price
 simple                    - date, time, user, destination, duration, price
 simple with source        - date, time, source, destination, duration, price
Section in which to place usage charges (whether separated or not) [usage_section]
names an invoice section which is to contain the usage portion of the invoiced package. If the section is to be included in a summary page then you will need to ensure the spelling exactly matches a package category
Include usage summary with recurring charges when usage is in separate section [summarize_usage]
creates an additional (2nd) line on the invoice showing the total usage associated with the package. Typically appears below a 'setup' and 'recurring' line (if they exist).
Always put usage details in separate section [usage_mandate]
causes freeside to generate an extra section for the usage details even when freeside is not using invoice sections.