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This template is emailed to customers when a manual payment is applied. A customer or support rep can initiate this. This applies to Process credit card and Process electronic check (ACH) payment links. If the value is set to NO, the template is ignored.

You may configure this template from Configuration, then Settings then payment_receipt_email. You can use ctrl-f (or cmd-f on macs) to search on the page.

First, apply a payment to the customer , then they'll receive the payment email like


On a new install, the checkbox is ticked (enabled).

Default template:

{ $date }

Dear { $name },

This message is to inform you that your payment of ${ $paid } has been

Payment ID: { $paynum }
Date:       { $date }
Amount:     { $paid } 
Type:       { $payby } # { $payinfo }

  if ( $balance > 0 ) {
    $OUT .= "Your current balance is now \$$balance.\n\n";
  } elsif ( $balance < 0 ) {
    $OUT .= 'You have a credit balance of $'. sprintf("%.2f",0-$balance).
            "Future charges will be deducted from this balance before billing ".
              "you again.\n\n";
Thank you for your business.


The date
Customer name
Freeside payment number
Amount of payment
Payment type (Card, Check, Electronic check, etc.)
Masked credit card number or check number
New balance