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This is a set of improvements to RT to support workflow management using multiple ticket queues.


RT Scrip Condition and Action can now define "options" to be set in the Scrip configuration (not the ScripCondition/ScripAction). The names and values of these options are stored in the (normally unused) ConditionRules and ActionRules fields on consecutive lines, separated by newlines.

When editing a scrip, selecting a Condition or Action will cause the form to refresh with additional fields for the options. Options are implemented for two specific cases: the CreateTickets action and the new CustomFieldChange condition.


The freeside-upgrade script will insert a ScripCondition record named 'On Custom Field Change'. Create a scrip with that condition, select the custom field, and enter the target value. The scrip will trigger when the ticket's custom field value becomes equal to that value. Currently this condition works in per-queue scrips, but not global scrips.

The CreateTickets action already has a record in ScripActions. When "Create Tickets" is selected as a scrip action, the "In queue" option will appear. Select the queue where you want the new ticket to be created. You will also need to select the template for the new ticket.

To create a child ticket that inherits the customer, requestors, and Cc contacts of its parent, use the following template and fill in your ticket subject and content.

===Create-Ticket: ticket1
Parents: { $Tickets{'TOP'}->Id }
Requestor: { $Tickets{'TOP'}->RequestorAddresses }
Cc: { $Tickets{'TOP'}->CcAddresses }
Subject: (enter ticket subject here)
(your ticket text here)