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This is the changelog for the 2.3.1 release.

For a more detailed, raw log of changes, see the git log


  • Latitude and longitude tracking for customers, prospects, and package locations
  • Automatic coordinate coding via Google maps
  • Google Maps and Google Earth links for all coordinates


  • Add Mobile Phone field
  • Add invoice language field
  • Fix FFIEC geocoding for site changes
  • Fix geocode guessing w/5 digit zip
  • Add per-customer "Invoice reports" link
  • Fix bill day selection with echecks


  • For intro period package definitions, add option to delay setup in addition to recurring fee
  • Don't display start date on package order for packages where it is not useful


Price plans

  • New bulk_simple price plan implementing bulk billing based on number of active services at invoice generation time (rather than prorated throughout the billing period)


  • Invoice template language localization
  • Usability improvements downloading spooled invoices
  • Fix bundled package display
  • Fix displaying usage separate from recurring when using separate_usage and invoice_sections but without a usage_section set
  • Fix "View typeset invoice" links in Firefox on Mac OSX
  • Fix displaying sections when using sections with summaries
  • Add "promised payment date"


  • Add option to flag un-rateable CDRs for later review in addition to the current two options (ignoring or halting billing)
  • Fix duration display with inbound VoIP billing when using duration instead of billsec
  • Add date to all CDR batch names derived from filenames
  • 4 decimal place inbound rating
  • Add tiered rating
  • Add invoice CDR summarization options for large numbers of CDRs
  • Significant performance improvements rating large numbers of CDRs


  • Discounts now available for one-time charge packages
  • Fix discounting setup when recur < setup
  • Fix incorrect error message "Discount does not apply to setup fees, and package has no recurring"
  • Fix edge case with prorated packages discounted 100% causing discounts to be off by a penny


  • Add E-check branch number for Canada and other countries
  • Fix payment application with term discounts

Billing events

  • Add a package class condition for invoice events
  • Add "Amount owed on the invoice on a day last month" and "Customer balance age on a day last month" conditions


  • Fix statistics reporting
  • Future ticket resolve date
  • RT updated to version 3.8.11

Network monitoring

  • Improve CPU usage of virtual port combining
  • Fix interface addition for ports with dashes (Juniper, others)
  • Option to automatically add IPs of services to the monitoring system (svc_acct, svc_broadband, svc_dsl)

RADIUS integration

  • Maintain the RADIUS nas table from the web interface (replaces text clients.conf)
  • Export to RADIUS from svc_broadband (wireless broadband) services, with group support
  • Export to RADIUS nas table from svc_broadband (wireless broadband) services
  • On suspension, don't change the RADIUS password if there's a group change
  • Maintain RADIUS group attributes


  • FCC 477 report improvements: fix column headings on part II B, package class defaults for "DS0 equivalents", part II and part V issues, census tract links, multiple state links, multiple classes
  • Projected sales report
  • Track year of census tract coding and add a script to update old census tract codes
  • Fix broadband service report when selecting a router
  • Multiple class selection in package reports
  • Fix currency fields in Excel download
  • Tax reporting: Fix "tax invoiced" and "tax credited" links for the taxclass + no taxclass in same region case



  • Add ping tool

Phone numbers

  • Better interface for provisioning multiple DIDs

Wireless broadband

  • Add tower tracking
  • Make speed fields optional


  • Add DSL devices for MAC address tracking
  • Add gateway access number
  • Add HTTP status pulling


  • Add SNMP export to service IP address
  • Additional options for Netsapiens export


  • Fix signup with encryption
  • Fix gzipped attachment problems in Ticketing and Customers
  • Localization of message templates
  • Israeli Isracard support
  • Add bin/enable-encryption script to more easily turn on credit card encryption
  • Add ability to hide specific services from customer self-service
  • MySQL: use ENGINE rather than TYPE for compatibility with recent MySQL