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This is the changelog for the 2.3.3 release.

For a more detailed, raw log of changes, see the git log


  • New customer duplicate checking option
  • New "un-cancel" ability re-orders package and re-provision services
  • Fix map links with UTF-8 customer data
  • Add optional spouse birthdate
  • Checkbox to disable emailing invoices but still keep an address (or addresses) on file.



  • Added cust_bill-line_item-date_description configuration setting to control how line item dates are displayed
  • Ability to prorate to multiple target days within a month (i.e. next upcoming of 5th/15th/25th)


  • Add a specific access control for backdating payments
  • Allow agent override to NO of global payment_receipt set to YES


  • Fix final month application of percentage discounts to bundled packages
  • Fix flat-rate discounts when charging zero months

Billing events

  • New condition: "Customer has tag" for testing customer tags
  • New condition: "Skip until specified # of days before packages suspension delay date"
  • New condition: "Don't run this event more than once per customer in the specified interval"
  • New condition: "Customer balance age (under)"
  • Fix "Invoice is billing for certain service definitions" condition with multiple service definitions
  • New action: "Late fee (greater of percentage of invoice or flat fee)"


  • Washington state tax districts: fix location editing, shipping address taxation and tax reporting
  • Separate tax exemption numbers for each tax exemption (tax-cust_exempt-groups configuration setting)


  • Integrated ticketing updated to RT version 3.8.13


  • New customer signup report with advertising source options
  • Sales report: Simplify UI for projected sales reporting
  • Advanced package report: search by change date
  • Improve prepaid income report
  • A/R Aging report: align cutoff time with other reports

Customer self-service

  • Don't change the service address on a self-service billing address change.
  • Skinning: small_custview respects selfservice-box_color and selfservice-text_color configuration settings now


  • Add Google map/earth links to tower listing
  • Fix using "selection from inventory" service definition modifiers with svc_broadband services


  • Netsapiens export: add ability to select default features
  • New CDR format: Troop (new)


  • Fix customer category selection
  • Quick payment entry: Improve UI of error handling
  • Add new access controls for more granular control of menu items, esp. services