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This is the changelog for the 2.3.4 release.

For a more detailed, raw log of changes, see the git log


Access control

  • Finer-grained access control for customer/service searching and reports.


  • Add national ID# and anniversary date fields
  • Fix search of mobile phone numbers
  • Show payment and credit application dates when they are re-applied later

Quick payment entry

  • Handle the case where both a custnum and agent_custid match
  • User preference to disable submission on [enter]


  • Fix escaping in map/earth/directions links.
  • Add an optional logout timeout
  • Fix rounded corners in Firefox 13+


  • Per-customer package flags to skip automatic suspensions
  • Fix un-cancellation of services
  • Fix package changes/cancels with credits turned on, for delayed packages
  • Per-customer prorate day
  • Unsuspension fees
  • Fix un-suspending packages without a suspend reason



  • Commission percentages per agent and package class


  • Fix display of explicitly-shown $0 line items with invoice sections
  • Fix display of previous balances with term discounts but no sections
  • Fix P.O. label
  • PDF/print invoices: Fix section labels with modern LaTeX implementations

Batch payments

  • Retry card events on card info change, like real-time events
  • EFT Canada: skip weekends/holidays for process date

Billing events

  • New condition: "After running another event"
  • New actions: suspend and unsuspend whole customer


  • Fix CCH import for new format
  • Fix tax credited detail reporting with Washington state district taxation


  • Integrated ticketing updated to RT version 3.8.14


  • Enhance unearned income report: supress fractional days, other fixes
  • Advanced customer report: fix "Add package columns" option and add advertising source
  • Fix package summary report
  • Add advertising source to advanced customer report, daily sales report, sales/credit/receipts summary and customer accounting summary
  • New report: Sales by advertising source
  • Excel export: fix formatting of numeric fields, add XLSX format for large reports
  • FCC 477 report: part IIB and V fixes, hide confusing/extra download links, separate by state
  • Sales report: per-agent subtotals


  • Suspension and unsuspension w/svc_broadband
  • Fix overage billing
  • Fix multiple group attributes with sane name
  • Fix NAS association with sqlradius_withdomain
  • Integration with DMA Radius Manager



  • Ikano DSL: Vendor Qualification ID is now editable if empty
  • EZ Prepaid integration
  • XML-RPC provisioning
  • HTML templates for printable form letters