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This is the changelog for the 3.1 release.

For a more detailed, raw log of changes, see the git log


  • Quotation improvements



  • Add package contacts / "name per package" feature
  • Add ability to detach packages to their own customer records, and merge them into an existing customer record
  • Fix discounts and invoice notes on automatic package changes
  • Reconcile discounts and quantities
  • Delayed package start feature
  • Future package change feature


  • Add an interface to easily move a customer's services between their different packages
  • Multiple inventory class selection for service columns
  • New "pkg_change" export trigger


  • Added option for invoice sectioning by location instead of package category

Wireless broadband

  • Add fields to svc_broadband for radio serial and location, POE location, RSSI and SUID.


  • Added fields for SMS provider and SMS account #
  • Options to bill or not based on cdr_calltype, like the ones for cdr_type
  • Huawei MSC/SoftX3000 CDR format
  • SIM/KI inventory for Huawei HLR integration
  • BulkVS E911 integration
  • VoIP Innovations CDR format and import script


  • Improve FCC 477 report
  • Package summary report: add package class selection, improve accuracy, link to package counts
  • Sales report: filter/breakdown by package report class


  • Fix upgrades from older 2.3 databases.


  • Fix errant package changes triggered by non-tax-affecting address changes.
  • Fix HTML editor (message templates, mass emails, customer notes) under IE10 without compatibility mode