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This is the changelog for the 3.7 release.

For a more detailed, raw log of changes, see the git log

Appointment scheduling

  • Default length and per-appointment override


  • Tax included on quotations


  • Free address normalization, geocoding and census tract assignment from the U.S. Census service
  • Credit voiding

Customer self-service

  • Show additional information in invoice list
  • New payment history view
  • Configure email forwarding in customer self-service
  • Fix RADIUS usage display for currently open sessions

Network Monitoring / Cacti integration

  • Cacti integration (as an alternate to / in addition to the integrated monitoring system based on Torrus)

Billing / Invoices

  • More flexibility in configuring package suspension and unsuspension fees
  • Per-customer option to display service addresses on invoices, not just a global setting


  • Collections: Streamlined notice sending from A/R report
  • Commissions: Improve agent commission reporting
  • Payments: Payment application detail report

LinuxMagic MagicMail/CityEmail integration

  • Email and domain provisioning to LinuxMagic's new MagicMail / CityEmail API


  • Option for automatic delay before cancellation in order to bill outstanding CDR usage
  • New CDR formats: ISPPhone, PBXware
  • PBX (svc_pbx) usage now displayed in self-service interface
  • Hide the bulk order link when not using vendor DID orders


  • Restore dashboard creation and editing

Service Definitions

  • Arbitrary service fields can now be flagged as required