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Both methods of time billing start with "Time Worked" in RT.

Post-paid time tracking

This enables you to bill customers at flat rate per minute/hour for the time worked since their last bill.

  • Setup a package in RT with price plan "Bill from Time Worked on tickets in RT". (Note: no longer available in current code, needs work. See FS/part_pkg/incomplete/
  • Enter the per-minute rate

"Bucket" time tracking

This enables you to track a "bucket" of time allocated to a customer for a flat support contract rate, with or without "rollover".


  • Setup a package (or packages) with a normal "Anniversary", "Subscription" or "Prorate" price plan.
    • In the "Price plan options" section, enter included time under "Time limit for this package" as a number of seconds (hours X 3600)
    • For rollover, check the "Allow usage from previous period to roll over into current period" checkbox
    • Include an svc_acct service (used to track the time)
  • Configuration -> Settings: Set the support_packages option (in "Unclassified" section) to the packages you added
  • Make sure you have the "Time Queue" access right


  • Order the package and provision the included svc_acct service

Using time

  • (Work time in RT on tickets attached to that customer)
  • Tools -> Time Queue
    • Can leave the dates blank
    • Mark the checkboxes on tickets that should have their time applied
    • The next screen will allow the manualy adjustment of multipliers. In most cases no adjustment is required. In the case where one ticket applies to multiple customers and the time should be distributed in a non-uniform fashion
    • Applying the time will return you to the search results for any remaining or new unapplied time worked


  • Initial and subsequent recurring billing will "recharge" the customer's bucket. Generate the customer's first invoice before applying time.


  • Reports -> Usage -> Time worked: time worked transactions by date, employee, customer
  • Reports -> Usage -> Time worked summary: same options as above but output a summary with total per-ticket
  • Reports -> Services -> Accounts -> All accounts with time remaining: Summary of available time per-customer