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Using agents for setting up Wholesalers

You can allow Wholesalers to manage their customers, resell your packages and perform all of their billing using your Freeside server. The following guide will help you setup your agents for this purpose. You will need to setup packages that use the wholesale price plans before you can bill your wholesalers.

  • Create Master Customer:
  1. Follow the New customer link on the main menu bar
  2. Fill out the appropriate information for the customer and click the add customer button
  3. When the new customer is displayed follow the link for the Packages tab
  4. Order the appropriate Wholesale Billing packages for the customer (these packages are what

bills the Wholesaler for their customers packages).

  • Create the Agent Type:
  1. Go to Configuration -> Companies -> Agent Types
  2. Follow the link labeled "Add a new agent type"
  3. Put the Agents name in the "Agent Type" field
  4. Select the packages that this Wholesaler will be allowed to order
  5. Click the Add agent type button
  • Create the Wholesale Agent:
  1. Go to Configuration -> Companies -> Agents
  2. Follow the link labeled "Add a new agent"
  3. Enter the name for the Agent in the Agent Field
  4. Select the Agent type you created earlier
  5. Enter the customer number or name from the customer you created earlier in the Master Custoemr field
  6. Select the Superuser item from the Access Groups
  7. Click on the Add agent button
  • Congigure the Agents settings:
  1. Go to Configuration -> Companies -> Agents
  2. Follow the link labeled (view/add/edit overrides) on the right hand side of the new agent
  3. Change the invoice_from, company_name, company_address, logo.eps, logo.png and any other

setting overrides to make sure everything is branded properly for your Wholesaler (to change the value of a setting follow the link for the name of the setting and it will open a popup window for you)

  • Add Employee Group and Employee:
  1. Go to Configuration -> Employees -> Employee groups
  2. Follow the link labeled "Add an employee group"
  3. Enter the same name you used for the Agent name in the Group name field
  4. Select the new agent from the list of Agents (Do not select any other permissions)
  5. Click the Add Employee Group button
  6. Go to Configuration -> Employees -> Employees
  7. Follow the link labeled "Add an employee"
  8. Enter the Username, Password twice, Last name and First name
  9. Choose the Agent group created earlier and the Manager Group
  10. Click the Add Employee button

The username and password for this employee will be what the Wholesaler will use to log into Freeside.