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NG Self-service is the next generation version of our customer self-service portal. The application is written in PHP and utilizes CSS to allow modification and manipulation to the look and feel easier than before.


  • Copy the ng_selfservice directory into the appropriate directory on your web/self-service portal server.
  • Edit freeside.class.php to point to your Freeside server:
var $URL = 'http://yourfreesideserver:8080/';
  • Enable selfservice-xmlrpc in Configuration -> Settings.
  • Restart the Freeside services


  • Configuration -> Settings: ng_selfservice-menu allows additional custom scripts and removal of default pages to enhance the capabilities of the self-service portal. You can also rename the links in the menus to fix your specific needs.
main.php Home

services.php Services
services.php My Services
services_new.php Order a new service

personal.php Profile
personal.php Personal Information
password.php Change Password

payment.php Payments
payment_cc.php Credit Card Payment
payment_ach.php Electronic Check Payment
payment_paypal.php PayPal Payment
payment_webpay.php Webpay Payments

usage.php Usage
usage_data.php Data usage
usage_cdr.php Call usage

tickets.php Help Desk
tickets.php Open Tickets
tickets_resolved.php Resolved Tickets
ticket_create.php Create a new ticket

docs.php FAQs

logout.php Logout


  • Communication is not encrypted. Communication should be routed via a VPN or other secure tunnel/mechanism.
  • You might also have to install debian package php5-xmlrpc