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Starting in version 3.2, Freeside can now allow customers to login without a specific svc_acct or svc_phone service linked to their account. The new feature uses the customer contacts. A drop down box will allow you to configure a contacts Self-Service access. The Self-Service portal will need to upgraded in addition to Freeside itself.

Backend Configuration

  • Set selfservice-password_reset_verification to "Click on a link in email"
  • Set selfservice_server-base_url


  • When adding a contact with an email address, the customer will be sent an email to reset their password and allow access to the Self-Service portal.
  • There is also direct access to the forgot password functionality. You will need to link to: selfservice.cgi?action=forgot_password.
  • Forgotten password functionality works for both svc_acct and customer contact Self-Service accounts.
  • Self-Service now accepts an email address for the login, no more separate domain field.
  • Customers using the single domain configuration will still continue to work for customers who only want to enter a single username.