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Torrus is a network monitoring system (NMS) for discovering and monitoring routers, switches and other network equipment with SNMP. Starting in version 2.3, Freeside includes an integrated/skinned Torrus (like it does RT), providing 95th percentile and straight volume billing.


 aptitude install rrdtool librrds-perl libxml-libxml-perl libberkeleydb-perl libtemplate-perl libproc-daemon-perl \
   libnet-snmp-perl libapache-session-perl libjson-perl libdbix-abstract-perl libdbix-sequence-perl


In the Makefile, set TORRUS_ENABLED = 1

 make configure-torrus
 make deploy
 mkdir -p /srv/torrus/collector_rrd
 chown -R freeside:freeside /srv/torrus/collector_rrd /usr/local/etc/torrus/discovery /usr/local/etc/torrus/xmlconfig/

Database configuration

In /usr/local/etc/torrus/conf/, edit the following lines if necessary (the installation process does not yet substitute them in from the Makefile)

 $Torrus::SQL::connections{'Default'}{'dsn'} =
 $Torrus::SQL::connections{'Default'}{'username'} = 'torrus';
 $Torrus::SQL::connections{'Default'}{'password'} = 'imiF1oih';

Network discovery

 cd /usr/local/etc/torrus/discovery
 vi routers.txt #space-delimted router ip addresses
 torrus genddx \
   --hostfile=routers.txt \ \
   --community=community_string \
   --out=routers.ddx \
 torrus devdiscover  --in=routers.ddx 
 chown freeside routers.ddx
 torrus compile --tree=main --verbose
 torrus bs --global --verbose
 #launch data collector
 /etc/init.d/freeside restart

Cron and init script


Set the network_monitoring_system configuration setting to "Torrus_Internal".


Proceed to Freeside:3:Documentation:Torrus_Administration