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Price Adjustment Tool

Do you need to perform a bulk edit of many packages to adjust the setup or recurring price set?

Well now there is a tool to help you make this adjustment.

Go to Configuration -> Packages -> Package Definitions

Using the check box to the far right edge of each package, check the box for the items that need adjusting.

Once you have those packages checked, scroll to the very bottom of the page. Click "edit packages"

A modal will be displayed and within that you will see two options: first is "Edit Report Classes", second is "Edit pricing fields".

Check the box next to "Edit pricing fields".

You will now see two new rows. One for adjusting the setup fee and second for adjusting the recurring fee. Both of which need to have a percentage value. Enter a value greater than 0 and then click "Bulk change packages"

  • "Edit report classes" allows you to add one or more Report Classes to all selected packages.
  • "Edit pricing fields" allows you to enter a "real" number percentage value that can be used to adjust the setup or recurring price of the selected packages.