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This is the changelog for the 4.3 release.

For a more detailed, raw log of changes, see the git log

OS Support

  • Debian 7 (wheezy) support has been dropped. Please upgrade to Debian 8 (jessie) before upgrading to 4.3.
  • Debian 9 (stretch) support has been added.
  • Debian 10 (buster) support has been added.

Employee security

  • Google Authenticator 2FA support for employee logins


  • More UI styling and cleanup



  • Census block coding: Fix map-based census coding for unknown locations (previously used the US Census service site which is now gone, built an internal re-implementation)
  • Google maps integration fixes for new API key requirements (also need to put a card on file and enable with Google)


  • In suspension and cancellation popups, show information about which services will be unprovisioned to external systems.
  • Option to carry discounts through package changes
  • Improve bulk package edit UI
  • Release held packages upon unsuspension
  • Bulk package cancellation


  • Streamlined amount selection UI for payments
  • Use new-style message templates for payment receipts
  • Option for flat credit card surcharge in addition to percentage
  • Option to surcharge for back-office payment processing (i.e. for a pay-by-phone "convenience fee")


  • Discounts on one-time charges


  • Option to relocate the payment coupon to the top
  • Show taxes per section when using invoice sections
  • Re-factored invoice substitutions to correct multiple edge cases with summaries, fees, sections, custom templates and custom substitutions.


  • Optimized attachment upload, allowing larger attachments

Change history

  • Included notes, tags and contact changes


  • Include 2018, 2019, 2020. and 2021+
  • 2022 update for FCC 477 reporting
  • New customer referral report
  • New customer time span report
  • New future card charges report
  • New event fee report
  • Improved customer contact report
  • Improved wireless broadband service report
  • Search payments by customer location fields
  • Search by number of referred customers and their status
  • Backdate FCC 477 deployment zones
  • Search packages by suspension reasons
  • Added revenue difference to package churn report
  • Deposit slips


  • Asterisk v12 CDRs
  • Broadsoft R22 CDRs
  • Ooma integration
  • Acme Packet CDRs
  • ANI networks CDRs
  • ThinQ CDRs
  • TeleAPI CDRs
  • Extended Vitelity integration with E911 and LNP (porting)
  • Update VoIP Innovations CDR import for new hostname and SSL requirement
  • Option to mark CDRs for reprocessing when voiding an invoice


  • Integration with Compliance Solutions tax rating service as an alternative to SureTax or Avalara.
  • Improved Washington state taxation
  • Bulk edit tax rates
  • Taxation option on pre-discount amounts


  • Add quotation description
  • Show a total first payment possible range for prorated packages
  • PDF and residential quotation fixes
  • Add option for a default close date

Customer self-service

  • Fix self-service contact login
  • Directly change contact passwords in backend without an end-customer reset email
  • New wordpress plugin, for adding self-service functionality to wordpress sites
  • Option to disable changing electronic check information
  • Option to disable package changes per agent


Provisioning exports

  • Saisei integration
  • Expect-style SSH scripting for interacting with remote systems which cannot run scripts (e.g. Cisco routers)
  • HTTP/HTTPS export hooks for Fiber, DSL, cable, phone, circuit, hardware and svc_external services
  • Email and RT ticket export hooks for Fiber, DSL and circuit services

Billing events

  • New conditions: residential/commercial, number of referred customers, check customer tag (for all event types), contract end date
  • Improved discount action: package class selection, once per customer option
  • Made HTTP/HTTPS POST and email actions available for all event types
  • New actions: add and remove customer tags
  • New action: send SMS (via carrier email gateway)


  • Fixed customer import
  • Added contact import
  • Fixed fees
  • Added svc_realestate service for tracking real estate rentals
  • API documentation now installed and viewable locally in each installation
  • Configuration setting ("dashboard-topnote") to display at the top of the main page